Welcome! Reprint + Repurpose is a small business whose goal is to keep the craft of fiber arts flourishing and fun in an environmentally sustainable way! 

I reprint and repurpose fabric to be used again for great projects. I am a big believer in conscientious crafting. By using our up-cycled fabric you are helping with this movement! As well as taking a break from screen time and nurturing some real hobbies. Plus, all the 100% cotton fabric and non-toxic ink is sourced and printed right here in the US.

My background- I have a BFA in Art and Design, a MS in Information Design, and a true passion for creating and sewing. With 10 years of experience in the corporate design world, I have taken everything I have learned and applied it to opening my own small business. I look forward to seeing your amazing projects and hope my reprinted and repurposed fabric serves as an inspiration!

Be your crafting best! To learn more about using design and composition with your fabric projects, take the free mini course here.

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