This course is broken down into 5 mini courses. These will set you up with a good understanding of how to apply art and design principles to your crafting projects.

It’s free. (Yay!) There are five sections. You can read through content and participate in different activities, building up design skills and knowledge with each one. You can submit designs or projects (started or completely finished) to the community blog and others can comment and share ideas. This site is meant to educate, motivate and help users grow their design skills.  Learn something new and apply it to all your crafting projects.

Mini course sections. You can take them all at once or start one now and come back to finish up.

Part 1 – Overview of fabric crafts and design principles.

Part 2 – Applying Design Elements to fabric prints and pairings.

Part 3 – Composition, juxtaposition and layout.

Part 4 – Evaluating Designs.

Part 5 – Start Creating!